Relocation of Ascot Vale TC matches

Relocation of Ascot Vale TC matches

Due to the impact of flood waters, Round 12 matches scheduled to be played at Ascot Vale TC have been relocated follows:

A Reserve 1 Boys

Ascot Vale vs Taylors Lakes will be played at Airport West TC – Friday 7.00 pm

A Reserve 2 Mixed   

Ascot Vale vs Royal Park will be played at Royal Park TC – Saturday 7.45am

C Special 2 Mixed

Ascot Vale vs Sydenham/Hillside will be played at Sydenham TC – Saturday 8.30am

C Grade 4 Unisex

Ascot Vale vs St Christophers will be played at St Christopher’s TC – Saturday 9.30am (please note time)

Any enquiries please contact Rose on 0402081599